Summer is coming!

Monday 10th of June 2019

He called late, after a lot of rain and storms, we stopped to hope, but finally he is here, THE SUN IS HERE!!!!!!!

Advices when the storm is coming:

  • Buy a lot of chips and shitty food for minimum 2 complete days
  • Come back very fast at home, don’t look in back
  • Open your computer and download SimCity 4
  • Now, you can play all the day, in this confortable place, with your associable mood and eat chips. Good or not?

Alternative plan: put your flip flops, forget your umbrella and go with your friends under this tropical rain, you will see, it’s 10 time more funny 😉

12nd of June 2019

Our EVS project is based on the activities in schools, and everybody know it and wait it: the holidays are here!

After 5 months to work with children from different schools, with different ages and different situations, it’s difficult to say them good bye…

Even if sometime they are not cooperatives, or with bad mood, it’s always a pleasure to work Ith them.

I’ve some pictures of this that I would like to share, before to start this new adventure witch is the Romanian summer:

Enjoy it 😉

After the daily activities, shooting photo in Mociur!
Second round of photos
One of the typical activities that we do with the kinder garden: The Big Mouth Fish.
Time to concentrate now 😉
This is Bocsa, with Mustafa, before the football session
The famous and very nice game of Catan, in our Youth center. A boardgame where you have to trade, to deal with the others to build your own cicilisation. And a good way to meet the local volunteers of Resita.
Theater activity! We had with us a professional who dressed us and helped us to create a micro show to play in the street. Can you imagine the face of the people when they saw 12 guys who carry doors on wheels, cross the street and play theater with the cars on the way, it was a surprising week!
Here, i’m in the caracter of a bad actor, looser in the life, but sure of him
Wecome to Bucarest! During the EVS you have 2 mandatory trainings: The arrival training and the midterm. When you do those trainings, you meet all the others volunteers of Romania who started in the same period than you. You discuss about the EVS, the life in an other country, you discover Bucarest and you share your own experience with the others. It’s a very interesting meeting
Still in bucarest: during our free time we can visit a bit this city. Here is the biggest Orthodox church of the world. For me, if I have to discribe Bucarest with 1 word, it will be BIG. You have a lot of big buildings, not very beautiful but imposing. You can also still feel the communist period very present here.
An other big building, very famous: the Parliment.
For sure one of the most big building that I saw in my life.
Now let’s go a bit in the nature. I was so bored in resita and I decided to hike during 1 day, to preparing mysef for the summer. The result: Anina-Resita. 35 kms in the natural park, a lot of surprising encounters and the freedom that I find every time that I exit in my thinking.
You don’t feel you a bit like Indiana Jones when you have to cross this kind of brige? And 15 metres under, a big river. I’m full of adrenaline, but is that I want
My new friend! On the way, i met 3 big dogs who decided to walk with me during 10 kms. I feel like a sheepherd 🙂
More amazing, this picture with those 3 big dogs , 3 curious wild horses and this wonderful landscape. We are really lucky to live next to this natural park!
Here, again Budapest, where i gone with Lara, her mther and her sister. It was a nice experience and we discovered a new part of this city that we missed when we went the first time in February.
To finish this article, one of the big markets of Budapest. A bit commercial but a beautiful building.
30°C, hey guys, I think that SUMMER IS COMING !!!!!!

The Wonderful Maramureș

It’s since march that I didn’t write here but a lot of things happened here, in our little Reşița or out.

We can maybe start by this travel in Maramureș, 10 days in this mythic region of North Romania, that has the reputation to be very authentic. And it’s right, with a very few number of industries, the wood work is present everywhere. The same for the agriculture, sometime helped by tractors, sometime there are horses who do the job.

A few passage in alba Iulia with Sarah, nadja, Lucia and viktor, Sibiu to pick up Lara in the airport,and Cluj where we met Michele and Marijuana. 2 nights In tent, some nights in hostels, until the end of our money, 1 night in couchsurfing, and you can believe me, sometime you just need an instinctive hospitality from the locals. It’s like this that we spent the orthodox Easter with a family half Romanian half Spanish, and shared with them food, bed, good mood and visit of Baia Mare, capitale of Maramureș.

Our super dirver who brought us in Alba Iulia. we stopped with him in an archeologic site from the Roman colonisation. This man was so interresting, and spoke us a lot about ecology and bio-diversity in Romania.
Alba Iulia and the sunset, first night of this travel.
Sibiu and this labyrinth of little streets. A very beautiful city to visit if you pass by here. we stayed here 2 days with Lara. And it’s from here that we start the travel in duo.
This bar arrives more late in this adventure, after 1 week of travel. It’s here that our couchsurfer works, and where we spent all the evening. We slept in his home and discovered a very nice man, a bit sad to stay in this village, but traveller in his mind. Thank for this little rest, a nice meeting!

When we said that we slept in tent to the people, they just looked us strangely, and said  » but do you know that there are bears in this region? You are not afraid? »… Ok, I wrote it in my notebook, be careful when you want to do bivouac in Romania, ask to the locals before!

First bivouac in Cavnic
2nd bivouac in Borsa

We saw during this laps of time the wonderful mountains of Maramureș, the cascada cailor, some monasteries and church’s tottaly built in wood, and the calm of this amazing and very rich nature.

Romania doesn’t stop to be surprising

New monastery build just 20 years ago
The view on the valley after the 2nd night in bivouac
And when we arrived on the top of the mountain. Look this good tourists!
Cascada Caiolor, still under the snow at the end of April
A big symbol of Maramures: The churches in wood, almost fixed without metal. This one is in Viseu de Sus
And this one next to Cavnic, i don’t remember exacly when, but is the highest church in wood of Romania.
And go to see that, the happy cemetery in Sapanta. On each tombstone is written a little anecdot on the life of the person who died. Full of colors, it can change your regard on the dead.

Typical train experience

A train is normally constitued of wagons to travel inside, and a locomotive to move the train, the motor. It’s sounds like a evidence no? But some trains are particulary differents of the normals one.

Anina – Oravița: A typical train, from the 19th century. 33kms of trainways at 15km/h , 2 hours and half of travel and a very particular experience, Let me tell you!

Imagine that you arrive in the Anina train station (40 minutes of auto-stop at the South of Reșița) with your band of friends. You wait, it’s sunny, the good mood is here, we’ll take this train that everybody told us.

And the train arrives. It gives me chills like when you already know it will be amazing. We get on the train.

The train is starting, very slowly, very noisy, full of history. Impessionnant… After a short pic-nic inside, we let this freedom enters in us. All the windows and the doors are opened. You can sit on the floor with the legs outside, did you tried it before? When we undestant that the train is really really slow, an idea is growing in our mind: Maybe we can run a bit out of the train! why not? an other experience you have to try 😉

We speak a bit with the controler, he tells us about the story of this train, shows us very olds pictures, he is working here since always. Outside the landscapes are beautiful. Old bridges, mountains, tunnels, blue sky and nature. I get out my harmonica of my pocket and play a bit.

I will stop to write a bit and dream again about this travel. Come to dream with me if you want 😉

Already 2 months, Travel is never finished !

Here the time spent very fast, is not easy to find time to chill. Like a lot of persons who said me this before, we can qualifiate the EVS experience like intense, or extreme sport.

I wanted to send some postcard to my Grand mother, she is 94 years old, and she would like to travel with me, but for this too, I had no time. I’ll do it later ok.

To resume in few time, every weeks we go at least in minimum 3-4 schools to play with them, share our hobbies, our passions, teach some English and others languages, and they teach us some Romanian language, it’s for me the best way to learn the culture of a country.

English lesson : The body
Travelling books with children
Unde vrei sa călătorești ? Where do you want to travel?
Music activity in The Nevo Parudimos Youth center

But the week-end is not far. Imagine that you’re in a new country, where you know nothing, the landscapes, the history, the different cities, the culture, the food, and a gand of amazing friends. Could you really think just 1 second to stay in your flat and do nothing else then watch the television? NO!!! impossible

Baile Herculane (2-3 of February 2019), the bath fail:

Let’s go in this thermal station, closed than the Serbia border, in train. The objective is to take a winter bath in the natural hot water, full of sulfur (and old eggs smell). After to arrive, take some beers and do the check-in in the Pension, the night is here, and time to go to the bath NOW! Fantastic idea. 1h of walk in the cold to discover that the water is cold… Ok, nice. Come back to the pension a bit disappointed. But we’re more strong than this and we decide to do a party, why not?

The wake up is not easy but we arrive to find the motivation to go for a walk in the city, and fortunately! This city is surprising, it’s an old Roman place, when they colonised this part of Romania. It’s for this we visited this old Roman building, abandoned baths, full of history:

Old Roman baths, totally abandoned. Let’s go inside!
Inside is completely empty, but you can clearly imagine how it was when it was working
Main hall, with an old fountain.
1 question now, Why the Romanian government does nothing to restore this historical place?

Natural Park of Reșița (9-10 of February), walk in the nature:

The life during the week is intense too, this week end we decide to stay in Reșița, and just discover what we can do around this city. We have a natural park just at 15 minutes in car, a good occasion to take the fresh air with the friends.

Amazing! Who can imagine there’re cliffs and a big valley here? we’re not finished to be surprised by this country. A castle ruins, a perfect view on the river, a little wind, a smile.

The natural park view, Frumos hein
Nothing else to say than is perfect
And this group of amazing guys, thanks to them!!!!

BUDAPEST (14-17 of February), a Hungarian expedition:

Now it’s time to exit the Romania, in duo with Lara. Thursday we leave Reșița at 9 AM in auto-stop, with Mr Inch in my pocket. But, 1 question, for what I like auto-stop more and more every time?

Mr Inch is doing a break in a petrol station, time to drink a coffee!

Drivers are amazing, they’ll help us to arrive at 6 PM in Budapest, and Diego, the last driver will invite us to eat an Italian pizza, our first meal in Hungaria, a bit absurd but thanks him, we were really hungry 🙂

We needed it, thanks Mr Diego!

We tried for the 1st time the Couchsurfing, phone App to sleep in a flat of some local people, and it’s a very good way to travel. That proves that it exist very good people in the world. Try it, you will see!

2 Days to visit the city, it’s not enough, believe me:

1st night, chilling on the river side after 9 hours of stop
The Hungarian Parliament – completed in 1904
The main church
The Buda castle

Sunday, time to go home. After 5 hours to wait on the road side, we#ll never leave Budapest. we decide to give up and to come back to the bus station, and with our last money, we arrive to pay a bus to come back from Budapest at 11 PM to Timisoara. We arrive 5 AM the Monday morning, tired but smiling. An other crazy experience of the EVS Life. We just take a train at 7 AM to come back at home, and finally at 10 AM we’re in Reșița. Ok, We go to sleep now, adios.

The hiking season is stared!

Maybe you know this, but an EVS volunteer is not mega rich, and we can’t travel every time with an important budget. It’s for this we’ve got legs: to hike!!!

Every weeks we discover news places to explore, news marvellous landscapes and mysterious places. Exactly what I love! Let me tell you in pictures:

The Waterfalls hike, in an other natural park at 1h and half in car.
15 kms of walk with the sun please.
Look the colour of this water! Sure that we »ll come back in summer.

And an other walk, in the valley down of the cliffs that I talked before, near Carașova, 15 minutes in car of Reșița:

Yesterday we said that we wanted to walk this week-end with Sarah, 1 of my homemats. We did the plans, we decided of the place we have to go, and we took all the motivation as possible.

Today, time to go, it’s raining… OK, motived? Yeah, motived! But more closed than Reșița hein? OK, let’s go to Carașova in autostop. And we we were not disappointed:

We discovered a lot of bivouac spots, I really look foward the good days now!
2 hours of walk in the valley, between the cliffs
The view during the pic-nic break
And the bridge to cross the river… ok, there is an other more new, maybe better?
And the view on the top of the cliffs, we never expected this, is magic!

Now you’ve a part of my EVS life in pictures, and remember that is only 2 months. Frumos! Ciao Ciao!

Mister Inch

Do you know M. Inch?

M. Inch is happy, he’s a great traveller, small but he doesn’t care about this.

M. Inch has 4 brothers and sisters, but he is alone on the roadside. He likes to wait, but not too much, and he likes when a car stops to talk a little with the driver, about everything.

Everybody can be interesting when your listen a bit.

M. Inch arrived in Romania in bus, because sometime he’s lazy. But this weekend he did his first excursion, alone, on the road again, he feels good, the wind in hairs…oh no, he hasn’t got hairs…he’s bald.

He is a bit lost, the culture is different here, the first driver asked money for the traject, but M. Inch has not, he has no pocket… The second driver is very nice and it’s a pleasure to listen him talk about this region.

When he arrived at Timișoara he visited a bit the center, but the best is to meet friends who did the road by train.

Just 1 beer later, it’s 6 AM, time flies!

We slept a bit, 4 hours at least, but is sufficient to pass a good day in my new country.

And finally Mr Inch is a bit tierd to do auto-stop for the come back, he will takes the train, slow train, very slow train. Oh! it’s an old French train! Romania has a lot of hidden mysteries …

Mr Inch feels good here 🙂

First week in Reșița!!!

30 hours of bus from France, 40kg of material in my backpack, tired bud glad to be here, with my new family for 1 year!!!

First step at Strasbourg, in France to meet Cécile, who is working with the association « Parcours le Monde« , my sending association in contact with Nebo Parudimos.

After big bus step I arrive in Reșița. Snow everywhere, mountains and crazy drivers.

ROMANIA!!!! yeaaaAAAHH!!!!

Ok, the first week spent very fast, I’ll try to resume it:


My first day! And first school too. Children welcomed me very well, in climbing on me and they spoke a lot with me but I didn’t understand nothing, my Romanian is pretty bad 🙂

But don’t worry, i’ve my 1st Romanian course with Cornelia and the girls, I like it, I feel very good!

In the apartment we play and eat together, we listen music and I discovered the Black Mirror serie.

I’m tired, my bed it’s so comfortable, mmmh noapte bună…


Yoga session at the youth center and bank meeting to open a Romanian account, to put my first Lei on it. Money money! But it doesn’t work, we’ll see tomorrow.


Bank account is open, cool. Now go to the Traian Lalescu school with Esra, Sarah and Marcian, children are so kind! They want to play and to learn with us. They have to write some letter to send to a French school and they are very involved in this project.

I open this blog, it doesn’t work, cool.


Zumba with Lucas! Very good teacher but too hard for me, I prefer the Jazz.


We did a Language Cafe, volunteers who want can teach their language, it’s like it we arrive to have German, Turkish, French, and Romanian courses and a really funny afternoon.

Ok, now week-end. This week spent to fast!

M. inch, are you ready?

Just a little story…

Sunday 15th of July, 2018.

I just start my Europe tour, I leave my parents home to make auto-stop, every days. I decide to travel without money, I’ve just 10€ in case .

France, Italia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia an Macedonia (in bus), Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hongria and Austria in train, Germany and come back in France.

14 country, 9000kms and a lot of crazy adventures and meetings!

I worked 2 months like volunteer in an hostel in Istanbul, an 3 weeks in Sofia, for the same job, but it was more easy and more funny.

It’s in Sofia that everything starts. One night a group of 7 people arrived like customers. The other volunteer who was at the reception called me because 2 of them are from France.

I met them, and they told me they are also volunteers in Romania, and we did a big party the evening, with all of them and it was really cool! The morning I was working at the reception, I didn’t sleep but I’m ok. When this band of new friends arrived for the check-out they asked me if I would like to spend some day in Reșița, the city where they’re volunteers and where they return in auto-stop.

The Friday 16th of November I take the road to the Romania. I leave Sofia at 9 AM to do stop too. 500kms, in one day it’s hard. I did it but I arrived the Saturday at 5 AM, tired I finished my night on a bench. But now I’m arrived!!!

We’ll stay just 4 days together, the city is not beautiful, it was cold and raining, but warm.

I just fell in love of everything.

I’m in love, I don’t want to leave. I discovered the association of Nebo Parudimos, where my friends are working, and they said me they wait a new volunteer, but nobody knows where he is and if he will comes. Just to laugh I ask to be volunteer to replace him.

Just to laugh yes…

Now, the 20th of January 2019 I start my new life like volunteer in Reșița.

Thanks to my friends, and new colocs 😀